What is TLA & Why It May be Your Best Find Yet

Broadly speaking Tiny Little Actions is a mindset. A way of creating changes in your behaviors or mind-states one tiny step at a time (which adds up to massive results).

It’s by far the simplest way of designing a life you’re excited to live. It’s about making peace with the journey (of life), resolving to have some fun along the way, and deciding to stick up for what you value intentionally.

When you sign up for my TinyLittleActions Newsletter (TLA Newsletter) - you’ll receive a weekly email that focuses on just one tiny action or a mindset idea, with a clear map for making it happen (I call it a Pocket Buddy).

The emails will be succinct, hard-hitting, thoughtfully put together by me (Anita - Hi). Expect each to be just enough of a kick in the bum to inspire you to keep your promises to yourself.

I would’ve done ALL the groundwork for you on researching and simplifying the available options to a simple effective method that gives you the most value for effort.

You’ll just need to show up, choose what you want to focus your intent on, and DO.

The Best Way to Use What We Talk About Here

You can learn the simple TLA Method (for free) on my website, and you’re ready to make change happen in a fun, and flexible way that fits in your life.

You could start with something you’ve been thinking of changing for a while. Just search the Archives here for ideas, or send me a request to cover the specific topic.

If you don’t have a specific intention you want to start with, you could:

  1. Do my quick Core Values Quiz to get some direction, then come back here and look for the appropriate TLA that pulls on your emotions.

  2. Or, you could start by looking at the 5 main sections I’ve split all the TLAs into:

    • Eat Well - actions you can take to upgrade your nutrition. Anything to do with what, how, how often & how much you eat, drink, and supplement in the right way for YOU, through evergreen effective methodologies rather than tactics that have a short shelf life.

    • Make Happy - tested effective actions to activate & nurture a healthy mental state, as you navigate through the challenges of being human in this life. How to intervene when you need to, so anything to do with handling (and sometimes leveraging as fuel) anxiety, overwhelm, stress, anger, depression, happiness, success, and so on.

    • Rest Daily - actionable tools to help you get enough rest and play day-to-day, so that you can keep your whole being in optimal energetic, focused and health flow.

    • Move Often - zoom in on how you move. With evergreen strategies related to exercise, postural alignment, flexibility, and functional fitness. For the purpose of keeping your body fluid, and enjoying a long-term relationship with this vital component of your physical & mental wellbeing.

    • Clean Up - cleaning up for wellbeing - your body, mind & environment. Detoxing is concept people throw around, but very few understand how to do it safely & effectively. It's not a one-off, and it's not about going in with the big guns! Here you’ll find what to do daily, monthly, and annually to support yourself internally and your environment.

  3. And lastly - you could just go to the Archives page and see which of the TLA titles has an emotional tug on your heartstrings. I deliberately use descriptive titles to give you the WHAT & WHY of each TLA in a quick look, so it should be relatively easy to pick.

The rest (of course) is up to you. Meaning - to actually take action and make stuff happen the way you like them.

If you’re in - signup for free here:

P.P.S. Before I go, if you’re wondering about who I am, and why I’m cocky enough to write about how to upgrade your life fulfillment in a fun & flexible way, here is an as-modest-and-short-as-possible-without-being-secretive look.